3D floors

We provide installation of 3D floors, and 3D walls. Our installation will cover up any original surfaces. It is perfect for industrial floors, commercial floors, restroom floors, department floors, and etc. We can customize the 3D floor to your required pattern and we do both small and large scale projects

3D epoxy floors creates a thrilling experience within your home. By arranging the picture at the right angle, the floor’s translucent technology creates a 3D lifelike effect. This new innovation is not just meant for the floors of restrooms as previously thought, it can be used in any room. It is now popular in many buildings such as hotels, offices, and shopping malls. We can customize the patterns according to your needs and we do both small and large scale projects.

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Floor type 3D


3D floor - Pattern Prints

Customers are able to customize their own picture/pattern. We systematic level the floor, install the pattern, and apply a clear epoxy layer. We install both small and large projects and we are able to apply it on any previous surface. This is perfect for hotels, offices, bathrooms, shopping malls, etc.

3D floor - Customized Murals

Customers are able to pick out their own picture. We then come in and use our process to level the floor and then paint the mural according to the design. This is a 3D styled floor unlike no other. We accept both small and large projects, and are able to work with any original surfaces. This is perfect for hotels, offices, bathrooms, shopping malls, and etc.


Epoxy Metallic Flooring is an epoxy paint for concrete floor applications. Its 2 ingredient system creates a decorative concrete floors within buildings. Created from epoxy resin, it has a high quality and low viscosity allows it to flow and level itself on any surface. It creates a shiny, seamless, dust free floor. It sticks to surfaces well and has a sturdy colored film It is also able to withstand a lot of impact and scratches. Although it creates a surface surface, it is still an easy to clean non-slip floor. Its special high tech attributes comes from ingredients imported from abroad. Perfect for indoor surfaces inside buildings such as residential buildings, offices, hotels, showrooms, cafeterias, shopping malls, bathrooms, lifts, kitchen counters. It can also be used on wooden surfaces such as on wooden table and chairs. Perfect for places that need to exude elegance, beauty, and luxury.