Parking Lot Flooring

Parking Lot Flooring, Traffic Symbols, Non-slip Flooring

Services by Highly Experienced Operators include: Parking Lot Flooring, Carpark Flooring Coating, Handicap Parking Space Marking, Shopping Mall Parking Space Line Marking, Non-slip Flooring, Cold Plastic Paint, Company Parking Lot Flooring, Machinery Boundary Line Marking, Symbol Markings, Company Traffic Line Marking, Showroom Parking Space Line Marking, Parking Lot Line Marking.

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Company Line Marking Projects and Arrow Symbol Marking Projects

The services that we offer include traffic pattern installation within companies, parking space line markings, machinery boundary line markings, traffic arrow pattern installation, no parking traffic markings, traffic lane division line markings, traffic arrows pattern installation, handicap parking symbol and motorcycle parking spot line markings.

Non-slip Floors (COLD PLASTIC)

Installation of Non-slip Floors: Cold Plastic Paint is a type of paint that provides protection against skidding. It is used in traffic road and symbol markings. Cold plastic also dries quickly, meaning it can be used after the paint is dry to the touch. This drying process takes around 30-40 minutes after application of paint. It is used in danger zones such as turns, intersections, slopes, and road crossings, to reduce accidents that are caused by skidding. Cold plastic ensures road safety by increasing the amount of friction between the road and the car to reduce skidding. It is also installed so that motorcycles will not intrude on the car’s lane. Installation of Cold Plastic Paint will not only increase a driver’s caution but it also increases the aesthetic of the road itself.

Handicap Parking Spot (Friendly Design)

We provide full road marking services. This includes installation of parking spot lines, handicap parking spots, P Parking symbols, and Handicap parking spot signage. Our services are perfect for gas stations, private companies, government entities, hospitals, car showrooms, and parking lots. Our experienced team provides free consultation and quotes and we also do on-site surveys for free.